IBM announces 3 new partners who build Made with Watson apps

IBM announced three new partners who are building Made with Watson apps that assist enterprises to better customer experience.

Earlier, IBM Watson Group has invested in Fluid, a startup that builds online shopping experiences for retailers.

Modernizing Medicine

One out of four dermatologists in the U.S. are using Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) iPad application to improve patient interaction and healthcare outcomes. The goal is to strengthen physician’s recommendations and enable them to efficiently practice evidence-based medicine.

The company also provides EMA for the specialties of ophthalmology, plastic surgery, orthopedics and otolaryngology and is expanding into gastroenterology, urology and rheumatology.

Reflexis Systems

Reflexis is developing an application made with IBM Watson called Reflexis StorePulse that will issue alerts and tasks to regional and local store managers – based on local event and weather information, among other data – to plan their locations accordingly, helping to maximize sales by ensuring each store has its finger on the local pulse.

The company is also developing the Watson Interconnect Module to enable retailers to achieve an accurate picture of what is likely to happen at stores and provide a higher quality of associate – boosting customer engagement and leading to greater profit.


It is developing SharpeMind application to deliver on-demand information about assets. SharpeMind leverages Watson technology to discover real-time insights from massive amounts of unstructured data including news feeds, governmental reports, and social media data.

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