Dell positions Fluid Cache for SAN for enterprise CIOs

Dell Fluid Cache for SAN, which brings data closer to the server, improves application performance and reduces response times for enterprise CIOs, has achieved 5 million random read input/output per second (IOPS) and can reduce cost per user by up to 71 percent.

Dell lab tests also revealed improved database average response times capable of 99 percent, while allowing a more than six-fold increase in the number of concurrent users – increasing from 2,200 to 14,000 users.

Dell today announced its new enterprise solutions are designed to speed application response times, strengthen the ties among data center technologies and simplify IT operations.

The new and enhanced Dell solutions assist CIOs to make the most of their IT investments by cutting through the silos to improve application performance and make it easier to manage data center operations.

“IT leaders are facing the challenge of balancing costs with the need to provide bleeding-edge IT services to ensure businesses do not risk losing customers, revenue or productivity. The fact of the matter is handling an increased traffic of any kind puts strain on a data center – and many solutions currently in the market only address parts of the problem,” said Marius Haas, chief commercial officer and president, Enterprise Solutions, Dell.

Dell Fluid Cache for SAN technology assists enterprises to speed up access to data by pooling and utilizing Dell PCI Express Flash drives for low-latency data caching inside traditional servers.

In addition, Dell Fluid Cache for SAN eliminates the tradeoffs between server performance and full-featured SAN benefits such as reliability, manageability and data protection. Intelligent data placement from the server to SAN can enable customers to improve performance while reducing solution costs by enabling the right data to reside at the right place at the right time.

A single management interface and fully integrated SAN capabilities, including automated tiering, cache-aware snapshots, replication and compression, also helps customers save time and resources with the advantages of excellent application performance and Dell’s advanced storage economics.

The new Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.5 array software extends the performance and tiering advancements of previous Storage Center releases while offering new enterprise features for customers.

With Dell’s Data Progression technology, customers also can achieve all flash performance for the price of 15K drive technology while reducing their storage footprint.

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