Coach USA to deploy Samsara’s telematics solution

Coach USA, one of the largest transportation companies in North America, has selected the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud.
Samsara’s telematics solution
Coach USA will deploy Samsara’s telematics solution and AI dash cams across its fleet of 1,500 vehicles as part of its focus on leading passenger transit through technology. The investment in telematics solutions is aimed at increasing safety and efficiency of its operations.

“Working with Samsara will allow us to elevate our safety standards by proactively monitoring speed, following distance, and distracted driving,” said Linda Burtwistle, CEO of Coach USA.

Coach USA will use Samsara’s solutions to reduce risky driving behaviors and the number of incidents on the road. Coach USA will be able to identify opportunities for driver coaching in real time rather than sifting through hours of data and video footage at a later date.

Coach USA will use Samsara data to enhance fuel economy through the reduction of idling, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. Samsara’s insights on Coach USA’s expansive fleet will be an important tool for improving passengers’ onboard comfort and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Coach USA will use the Samsara platform to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience for its passengers. Samsara data will enable route optimization and accurate insights into bus location, arrival, and departure times.

“Passenger transit companies like Coach USA play an important role in connecting our communities. As consumers seek easy and more sustainable modes of transportation, Coach USA’s investment in technology innovation will continue setting them apart,” said Robert Stobaugh, Chief Customer Officer of Samsara.

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