Cisco to supply video solutions to hospitals in Southern Denmark

Enterprise IT vendor Cisco is set to supply video solutions to hospitals in Southern Denmark.

Cisco’s video solutions in hospitals and mental health services in the Southern Region of Denmark are expected to improve patient experience and create more efficient patient engagements.

Practitioners / doctors in Southern Denmark will be able to conduct video consultations with psychiatric patients via the Internet. Moreover, citizens can be treated either in their own homes or at nearby psychiatric wards via videoconferencing, saving transportation time and creating a trusting environment where patients don’t have to leave their own homes.

Hospitals are also planning to utilize new video solutions in the future. Video solutions will enable doctors and medical students to follow surgery and consultations and provide better training for effective treatment of patients in remote locations.

Cisco said the memorandum also contains a study of mobility solutions including development of the region’s wireless network. The memorandum also includes an overall plan for how IT can support the region’s future challenges, such as how to improve safety and communication across the many clinics, hospitals and departments that span the region.

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