Cisco to strengthen health care systems in Alberta

Cisco has formed collaboration with University of Calgary’s W21C Program and Alberta Health Services (AHS) to strengthen the development of health care solutions in Alberta through advanced technologies and strategies.

The new collaboration with the University of Calgary will focus on using Cisco technology to revolutionize patient care, both in the hospital and in the home.

W21C is a not-for-profit research and innovation initiative based in the University of Calgary and the Calgary zone of Alberta Health Services.

The partnership expects to bring together expertise from researchers in population health, simulation, design, clinical outcomes, and comparative effectiveness research. This will help the health systems to solve some of the more challenging issues of our times.”

ciscoThe collaboration will result in the development of Alberta Health Innovation Centre (HIC), a virtual hub spearheaded by Cisco. The HC will utilize expertise from multiple “living lab” environments that will showcase technology-based health care solutions to assist in improving the quality, access and sustainability of health care in Alberta.

One of the primary hubs for the HIC is the W21C, a not-for-profit research and innovation initiative based in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, and the Calgary zone of AHS.

Dr. Peter Sargious, executive lead for the initiative in W21C, added, “As a hub within Cisco’s virtual Health Innovation Centre, W21C will explore innovations in health care not only relevant to our communities inCalgary and Alberta, but also on a national level, and to modern health care systems all over the world.”

“Cisco believes that the future success of effective and efficient health care delivery in Canada must include adequate and appropriate use of technology, with the end goal being improved care delivery,” said Nitin Kawale, president, Cisco Canada.

“Cisco builds strong, holistic relationships with government in order to help foster innovation, increase productivity and support economic and social development,” Kawale added. “Our collaborations build on that vision, and strengthen our commitment to better the lives of all Canadians.”

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