BT signs tech deal with Williams Martini Racing Formula One team

BT announced its technology deal with Williams Martini Racing Formula One team to ensure better car performance, quicker pitstop practice and race video analysis.

As per the IT deal, BT will bring the team’s fixed and mobile voice needs into a single service, hosted in the cloud and delivered globally on devices.

BT will utilize its technologies and consulting services to Williams’ Advanced Engineering division that takes Formula One derived technology and knowhow into the automotive, motorsport, energy, civil aerospace and defense sectors.

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Some of the main deliverables include improved performance and reliability of big data processes, including applications relying on video, telemetry and voice.

Pat Symonds, chief technical officer, Williams Martini Racing, said: “The less obvious benefits include the ability to gain higher speed access to our crucial information sources, independently of where we are racing. This includes the ability to interrogate remotely our CAD system back at base, build new assemblies and then export the required information for use on the racetrack in a matter of minutes.”

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