Bank of New Zealand to use NCR ATM as a Service

NCR Corporation, a technology provider, announced its contract with the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), to offer NCR ATM as a Service solution.
NCR SelfServ 80 ATM
NCR has provided NCR Managed Services to BNZ for many years, providing ATM support. In the latest progression in the partnership, NCR will own and operate the bank’s off-site, cash dispense ATM fleet and run BNZ’s on-premise fleet of NCR SelfServ ATMs.

“NCR has been a key part of how we deliver our ATM services to our customers across the country, and their expertise in this area makes them the natural choice to partner for the next phase of our ATM program,” says Nick Grieve, BNZ General Manager, Colleague Enablement.

Frank Hauck, president and general manager, NCR Banking, said: “Our partnership with BNZ has spanned more than a half-century and this latest expansion is a testament to our ongoing customer service and evolution toward helping run the self-directed bank.”

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