Auto Dialer: Essential Business Technology

Optimizing business processes isn’t easy. With many things to consider and risks to be mindful of, it’s no wonder that business owners find this task hard to accomplish. Aside from catering to their clients’ needs and demands, businesses also have to keep up with the fast-changing market trends.
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As the clients’ standards toward customer service continue to change, many businesses have also started to shift to the use of modern technological advances to cope with it. Particularly, one of the most common alternatives they often opt for is an auto dialer. Primarily designed to dial customer numbers automatically and provide faster services, auto dialers serve a vital role in optimizing business operations.   

To know more about these incredible technological advances, continue reading this article. 

What Is An Auto Dialer? 

Auto dialers are often used in outbound calling processes and other significant business operations of many businesses. Intrinsically, they’re a type of dialer software that comes in various forms and performs numerous tasks. Due to their reliable functions, auto dialers, like Call Cowboy Auto Dialer App, have been popular over the past years. 

Unlike before, employees don’t have to dial numbers from a list or wait for their calls to be answered by their prospective clients. With the use of auto dialers, they can now call their customers systematically and reduce idle time.     

Apart from that, here are some important information you need to know about auto dialers: 

  • Among other available options, auto dialers could be beneficial for your business operations in many ways. To begin with, this dialing software primarily utilizes special features, like call analytics, which allow agents to call their prospective clients directly rather than being intercepted by voicemails. 
  • Aside from automating call dialing processes, auto dialers could also help in directing client calls to available agents, and lessen the possibility of repetitive and error-prone phone calls.     
  • While auto dialers before were used for ‘war dialing,’ they’re now utilized for automated dialing of numbers from a database of leads. 
  • They may also use voice detection software that could determine whether the call is picked by an actual person or a voice mailbox. Auto dialers could either route calls to agents or recorded messages, or even put the call on hold when there are no available agents.  
  • Aside from that, this software could monitor statistics of call logs, time duration of calls, and other vital aspects of calling processes.   
  • In some cases, calls can be directed straight to voicemail after not being picked within 25 seconds or after four rings. When this happens, auto dialers may even automatically drop the call and proceed to another one.  

How Do Auto Dialers Work? 

The use of auto dialers and other types of dialing systems has been gaining more and more popularity over the past years. While some people who already used them may not have difficulty exploring their features, that might not be the case for first-timers. Fortunately, there are numerous ways one can consider to learn how they work.  

For starters, you might need to prepare a computer, a voice modem, and an active telephone line for the auto dialer to run efficiently. If you’re wondering why the need for a voice modem, it’s because it’ll enable your computer to play recorded messages during the call. Also, don’t forget to assign people who can handle the dialing of numbers and receive calls afterward.  

Upon doing that, auto dialers will, then, consolidate the said components and will synthesize with the system to accumulate customers’ contact details. Next, auto dialers will automatically start dialing selected numbers from the database of leads, and decide whether to pick up on voicemails, dead ends, and busy lines.        

With the use of voice detection tools, you don’t have to worry about the calls getting intercepted by voicemails or automated answering machines. The auto dialer could be of great help in filtering out disconnected calls, routing client calls to available agents, and connecting them with a broadcasted message. When making calls, auto dialers could help in data collection of pickup rates, length of phone calls, and the number of calls directed to voicemails.    

Types Of Auto Dialers 

Generally, there are three types of auto dialers used in outbound and blended call centers: preview, power, and predictive. Each type has specific features that make it unique, as well as strengths and weaknesses that could affect your overall business operations. Due to this, it’s crucial to select the one that could best improve your business functions and maximize calling processes. 

To help you make an informed buying decision, here are some important things you need to know about the aforementioned types of auto dialers: 

  • Preview Dialers 

Primarily, preview dialers are designed to automatically dial numbers from a database, and lessen the time wasted on waiting for calls to get answered by clients. In most cases, preview dialers offer options to users whether to connect with an outbound call or skip it. Aside from making them aware of the incoming calls, preview dialers may also help agents to handle calls depending on their initial information about the customer. 

From its name, preview dialers are used by agents who want to familiarize themselves with the types of clients they’re going to speak with before they auto dial their numbers. In such aspects, preview dialers collect initial information about callers and try to connect them with available agents that could best attend to their needs based on their overall performances.     

Aside from reducing the possibility of withholding calls or providing poor services, preview dialers could also allow agents to build rapport with prospective clients, and prepare better for customer interaction.   

Most importantly, preview dialers could be an ideal option for conversations that may require complex customer information. Particularly, this type of auto dialer is best used for outbound calling functions and as a part of marketing strategies of businesses that are run on a smaller scale. 

  • Power/Progressive Dialers 

While the preview dialer allows agents to decide whether to take the next call or not, the progressive dialer, on the other hand, immediately routes the next call once the previous one is done. Otherwise known as power dialers, progressive dialers are mainly utilized for optimizing calling processes and boosting the number of calls generated from the database of leads. 

Although they’re more of a quantity-focused auto dialing software, what’s good about progressive dialers is that you can connect with as many prospective clients as you can and enhance your customer reach efficiently. If you’re aiming for faster and more advanced dialing processes for your business operations, then, a power dialer might be the best option for you.   

  • Predictive Dialers 

Apart from preview dialers and progressive dialers, another ideal alternative for businesses is a predictive dialer. While the two types of dialers are used to improve calling processes and the way they’re going to be handled by the agents, a predictive dialer could be of great use in taking your cold calling processes to the next level.  

Particularly, one of the best features of predictive dialers is their ability to automatically dial multiple numbers from a database at once. But, you don’t have to worry because that won’t require you to talk to a lot of customers simultaneously. 

Specifically, predictive dialers utilize pacing algorithms that allow them to determine the duration of the current calls and manage the calls in queue. In most cases, predictive dialers are used to route client calls to an available agent before they finished their sales call script.  

If you’re looking to connect with multiple prospective clients at once, then, a predictive dialer might be the answer to your concerns. Predictive dialers are best used for large-scale business processes, and could help agents have more detailed conversations with clients without doing much research.   

Advantages Of Using Predictive Dialers 

Auto dialers are one of the most efficient and highly useful alternatives one can consider when optimizing their business functions and cold calling processes. To better provide exceptional customer services to your prospective clients, it’s best to look for an auto dialer that has the features that fit your needs.  

Also, it’s worth mentioning that auto dialers could benefit your business in more ways than one. To know about them, continue reading below:  

  • Consolidation 

As mentioned earlier, auto dialers could integrate with your current system or other software to better store customer contact information. In terms of improving customer retention and boosting customer relationship management (CRM) rates, one of the best options you can consider is an auto dialer. 

Aside from tracking and monitoring customer data, it could also help agents to better prepare for customer interaction by providing them with initial background about their prospective clients. Not just that, but they could also enhance the quality of business operations and customer services. Particularly, auto dialers could keep tabs on one’s past interactions with clients, client preferences, and other aspects that are important in customer engagement.  

An auto dialer can route clients’ calls to the right employees, who can best attend to the clients’ needs. Combined with an efficient CRM solution, auto dialers could significantly manage customer data, revamp business services, and automate cold calling processes.  

  • Proper Segmentation

Aside from integration, auto dialers could also perform proper segmentation of contact lists in your database of leads. Particularly, if you’re using a cloud-based system, you can handle contact lists and gather client contact details through an auto dialer. Even if they’re from other databases, auto dialers could accumulate such pertinent details and make previewing of calls more manageable. 

To ensure the efficiency of your business functions, it’s best to start with having an auto dialer in your dialing systems and upgrade your current calling strategies.    

  • Time Zone Management 

One of the most challenging parts of being in the call center industry is having to work with people with different timetables. Likewise, it’s a bit taxing to contact prospective clients who are from different time zones and wait for your calls to get answered. While such instances are common in this particular field, there are ways you can do to ease this task. 

Particularly, using an auto dialer could help you factor in time zones and determine the right timing to make calls. Being in the business industry, timing is one of the key elements for the success of your marketing strategies and campaigns. The more you can handle different time zones, the greater your chances of succeeding in your purposes.  

Apart from that, auto dialers could simplify your cold calling processes and reduce the risks of dealing with disconnected calls by adjusting time zones. Through these, you’ll only have to call potential clients when they’re available and when it’s appropriate for them.     

  • Detection Of Unproductive Numbers

One of the most ideal features of auto dialers is their ability to determine whether a call is from voicemails, intercepted by an answering machine, or just a busy line. In some cases, agents have to wait before their calls are picked by an actual person, and, in some cases, those are directed to answering machines. They also have to deal with disconnected calls throughout their dialing processes. 

Such events could significantly reduce their productivity and result in poor key performance indicators (KPIs).  In that aspect, an auto dialer could help in detecting unproductive numbers. If agents happen to encounter busy lines, disconnected calls, or unproductive numbers, the call may be eventually dropped or sent with a broadcasted message.   

  • Call Monitoring

In some cases, businesses tend to utilize AI-powered chatbots and other digital channels to monitor outbound calling processes. While some people may opt to skip this part, tracking and keeping tabs on the ongoing calls and even the previous ones could help employees determine their strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas for improvement.  

Not just that, but they could also efficiently ensure quality assurance through the monitoring features of auto dialers. To effectively bolster outbound calling processes, managers can consider listening in on conversations (with consent from agents and clients) to evaluate the overall performance of callers and identify the aspects they need to improve.  

Whether it’s live monitoring or call recording, this could be made easier with an auto dialer, as it could keep track of one’s overall productivity rates.  

  • Callback Scheduling 

Callback scheduling is crucial in enhancing lead generation and improving customer engagement. Not just that, but it’s also important in building a positive impression on your prospective clients. If ever your calls aren’t answered immediately, an auto dialer could help in scheduling follow-ups and callbacks. It could also re-add a number to the list so you can still connect with a client afterward.    

Bottom Line 

Improving your business operations is never easy. Likewise, upgrading your cold calling processes could be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives you can use to better bolster lead generation and attract more potential clients. 

Particularly, you can consider using auto dialing systems and software that could best manage your dialing and calling processes. To eliminate tedious tasks and enable you to focus on boosting customer retention, you can use these technological advances. If you’re having second thoughts, you can consider the above mentioned considerations for a sound buying decision. 

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