Android for Work gets support from MobileIron, BlackBerry, AirWatch and SOTI

Android for Work has received support from enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors such as MobileIron, BlackBerry, AirWatch by VMware and SOTI.

Android for Work is Google’s solution to separate business and personal data and applications.

MobileIron has launched the Android for Work Enterprise Resource Center. IT will have a unified way to deliver corporate security while preserving personal privacy, to secure and manage any Android app, and to manage disparate Android devices.

With support for Android for Work, MobileIron Cloud will enable IT to prevent data loss to untrusted applications, to securely deploy native email, calendar and contacts, and to simplify Android app management, configuration, and containerization.

BlackBerry said it’s is working with Google to enable BES12, a cross-platform EMM solution, to manage devices equipped with Android for Work.

Android for Work from Google

The BES12 solution will integrate with the Android OS to enable platform-level containerization. This will eliminate the need for application wrapping, while providing access to Google Now and any Android application available on Google Play. Android for Work will be deployable with BES12 either on-premise or in the cloud.

AirWatch by VMware said it’s working with Google to enhance security of Android devices in the enterprise. With AirWatch, customers will benefit from enhanced profile separation, business data encryption and app management capabilities made available with Android for Work.

With Android for Work, AirWatch will be able to deliver enhanced management capabilities into an encrypted, dedicated work profile that keeps business data, apps, email and content separate and secure while keeping personal information private.

SOTI announced comprehensive same-day support for Google Android for Work. When managed by SOTI MobiControl, Android for Work provides a dedicated workspace with full OS-level encryption to securely separate business and personal data and applications on Android tablets and smartphones.

Meanwhile, a survey of more than 450 enterprise IT professionals around the world by SOTI said that 30 percent of respondents use multiple devices per person. 13 percent of Android users also use iOS devices while nearly 28 percent of iOS users also utilize Android at work.

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