Aerohive deploys wireless networking solution at Palm Beach County School District

Palm Beach County School District has deployed Aerohive wireless networking solution to support classroom digital learning.

As per the State of Florida mandate, Palm Beach County needs to develop plans for a strong wireless network to support the increased demands for classroom digital learning. As per the mandate, all schools for grades K-12 need to change from paper textbooks to digital formats by the year 2015.

“Aerohive has provided a near flawless network that has opened up a lot of doors for us, from being able to host large events requiring enterprise-class Wi-Fi, to centralized network management to enable district-wide customization for users, and enterprise features to better monitor and control our network,” said the director of IT technical operations at Palm Beach County School District.

Prior to Aerohive, Palm Beach County School District’s Wi-Fi network was limited in coverage.

Aerohive’s wireless solution currently supports 125,000 devices on the network, with that number growing as the district continues its roll out of 1:1 learning programs.

Palm Beach County School District uses these devices for classroom e-learning and to access digital textbooks. Palm Beach County School District has implemented over 13,000 Aerohive access points, both in schools and administrative locations.

Since deploying Aerohive with 100 percent campus coverage, the district improved learning and instruction for students, as well as create better efficiency for administration and staff.

Aerohive’s wireless network solution has enabled Palm Beach County School District to conduct online testing in both individual classrooms and testing centers; to host large-scale conferences and seminars; has provided access to Internet-based applications and e-learning tools; and has provided a foundation for the district to meet state requirements for digital textbooks by 2015.

Palm Beach County School District’s IT team anticipates that wireless devices will double and triple in the near future. Aerohive’s network architecture will meet performance and security demands, with enterprise features that allow the district to meet its digital learning goals.

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