BT signs $37 million IT services deal with De Beers Group

Enterprises IT vendor BT has signed a $37 million deal with De Beers Group, a diamond company, to offer IT services to 70 De Beers Group sites, including exploration and mining locations.

De Beers will utilize BT Connect networking technologies including fiber, microwave and satellite to offer access to business applications and data storage as well as voice and conferencing services.

Employees of De Beers — located in the frozen Northwest Territories of Canada, the Bushveld regions of southern Africa or the cities of Europe, Middle East and Asia – will benefit from the association with BT.

De Beers taps BT

As per the IT services deal, the diamond exploration company will also leverage BT Connect Accelerate to prioritize its critical business applications accessed across its global network to improve productivity, said BT in a statement.

Utilizing BT One video conferencing, De Beers will reduce travel expense. In addition, the company will be able to connect with experts. Productivity can also be achieved.

Craig Charlton, CIO, De Beers Group of Companies, said: “Whether it’s connecting our mining assets or our global distribution network, we need a partner with a strong track record.  Using BT’s network will better connect our global operations.”

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