BROWZ receives $10 mn investment from private investor

BROWZ, a provider of supply chain risk management solutions and configurable software as a service (SaaS) solution, has received an investment of $10 million from a private investor to accelerate their growth initiatives.


BROWZ provides localized support from operational offices in Salt Lake City, New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Perth and Dusseldorf and supports more than 2,500 sites in 33 industry verticals across 10 countries.

Additionally, company has also announced a new mobile strategy last month. The mobile strategy has helped to improve the delivery of the data to employees working in the field, increasing efficiency and improving contractor and client communication.

“This investment will accelerate the advancement of technology which will improve the way global organizations manage their contractors. In partnership with our clients, we can improve the quality of information, and ultimately lower risk and improve safety for all of our global clientele,” said Elaine Beitler, BROWZ CEO.

Few days ago, BROWZ launched its first mobile application as part of a larger strategy.

BROWZ for Clients provides enterprise organizations real-time access to supplier and contractor management data and is immediately available for BROWZ clients.

Last year, BROWZ launched a new brand identity to recognize the company’s significant growth in products and services, geographies, and industries, and reflects a service-oriented commitment to clients.

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