Top 10 IT trends for financial sector in 2013

Infotech Lead India: IDC has shared Top 10 Predictions for financial sector in 2013.

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IDC’s predictions in 2013 are more optimistic than in years past, however there is real concern that the technologies offered on the 3rd platform may leave many institutions behind.

Prediction 1 – The Nascent Community-Based Clouds in the Financial Services Industry Will Become the Preferred Cloud Model in Cost-Conscious Markets by Striking the Balance Between Lower Operating Costs and Adequate Service Levels

Prediction 2 – Banks Will Abandon Social Media as a Customer Service Channel and Focus on Targeted Marketing Campaigns Instead

Prediction 3 – Competition Between Rival Mobile Wallets and Point-of-Sale Integration Technologies Will Result in a Price War as Competitors Seek to Gain Market Share and Mindshare

Prediction 4 – As Spending on Big Data and Analytic Solutions Tops $6 Billion Worldwide, Operational Efficiency Ratios Will Begin to Show Signs of Improvement

Prediction 5 – Risk Officers and CIOs Will See Capital Spending and Operational Expense Associated with Risk and Compliance on the Continued Material Increase, Topping $74 Billion Worldwide

Prediction 6 – Regulation Will Reduce Financial Services Profitability by a Third by 2015 Unless Institutions Implement Enterprise Data Management Strategies

Prediction 7 – Global Universal Banks Will Continue to Struggle to Deliver the Value of Their Complete Franchises

Prediction 8 – New Formats Will Breathe New Life to Branch Strategies, While Investments in New Channels Will Intensify

Prediction 9 – Rising M&A Activity in the Financial Services Industry Will Drive the Demand for More Effective Systems Integration and Interoperability

Prediction 10 – Financial Institutions Will Get Serious About Updating Legacy Systems

David Potterton, vice president of global research, IDC Financial Insights, said: “As we continue to see pressure on increasing revenue, being more efficient, and handling current and future regulatory changes, the successful organizations will be those who not only embrace the new platform, but are willing to invest in it. How well organizations manage the four key technology disruptors of big data/analytics, mobility, cloud computing and social, will dictate how much long term success the organization will have.

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