Motorola Solutions latest innovations to enhance safety

Motorola Solutions (MSI) has introduced LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE handheld devices with Public Safety Experience interface (PSX).

The company has also unveiled innovative technology ecosystem of devices, software and services for smart cities at Critical Communications World 2015.

Motorola Solutions LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE handheld devices are designed to support mission critical roles.

LEX L10 has a secure, dedicated software platform and user interface (UI) that supports capabilities that are above and beyond consumer grade smartphones.

According to Motorola Solutions, LEX L10 features a dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button and enhanced audio that delivers an excellent PTT experience and ensures that communications being transmitted and received loud and clear, the company claims.

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MSI said LEX L10’s Public Safety Experience (PSX) transforms the Android operating system to enhance safety and efficiency for frontline officers.

LEX L10 provides instant voice interoperability with any broadband or land mobile radio (LMR) system with WAVE Work Group Communications.

Users can also gain access to dynamic resource mapping with the Intelligent Data Portal, take remote control of a two-way radio, securely stream real-time video for situational awareness or fly a drone.

Company officials said the LEX L10 was designed for real-world front-line policing with 4.7-inch touch screen.

Meanwhile, Motorola Solutions has also introduced an innovative technology ecosystem of devices, software and services to create an intelligence-led future for public safety.

MSI is developing innovative ways to take photos, video, social media, sensor network and more and transform it into real-time intelligence to give public safety and mission critical commercial organizations a new advantage.

Additionally the solution will extract data to create actionable information for effective and proactive incident management with a smart analytics platform.

Motorola Solutions will also bring together Terrestrial Trunked Radios (TETRA), LEX LTE mission critical devices, with the Intelligent Data Portal and solutions from venture partners such as CyPhy Works’ PARC unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

This apart, the Dimetra IP 8.X system platform provides enhanced security, increased capacity, TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) and unified application services for TETRA and Public Safety LTE networks.

In order to strengthen presence in the public safety market Motorola Solutions acquired PublicEngines, which will help company’s strategy to revolutionize public safety’s use of available data to gain actionable intelligence to support its mission.

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