IBM India works with jewellery makers and retailers to transform IT infrastructure

IT giant IBM India on Tuesday said it is working with domestic jewellery manufacturers and retailers to transform their information technology (IT) infrastructure.

IBM in a statement said its solutions will help the jewellers build a highly scalable and cost-effective IT architecture.

“Being home-grown, and mostly family-run, these businesses are accustomed to traditional methods of manufacturing and accountability. These jewellery businesses are now leveraging technology to ensure a world class output,” IBM said in a release.


IBM said Thangamayil Jewellery (Madurai), Emerald Jewel Industries (Coimbatore), Dimexon Diamonds (Mumbai), Venus Jewels (Surat), and ACPL Exports (Agra) are using IBM Smarter Computing solutions to improve efficiency of their production and manufacturing units.

Using IBM’s solutions, jewellers will be able to ensure effective deployment of new processes, which would help reduce expenditure.

By offering a combination of these solutions tailor-made for their specifications, IBM is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the operational infrastructure for the jewellery sector in India.

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