Server DRAM revenue of Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron

DRAM manufacturing Q4 2017
Server DRAM revenue of Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron, the leading DRAM suppliers, grew 13.9 percent quarter on quarter in Q4 2017 powered by increasing average selling price (ASP), reports TrendForce.

Though technology suppliers server DRAM assigned more capacity to server product lines they could not meet demand. The data center projects in North America contribute to the growth in demand.

DRAMeXchange analyst Mark Liu said tight supply will persist in the server DRAM market during Q1 2018 as server shipments continue to show strength. Price quotes of server DRAM modules are also expected to remain high.


Samsung’s server DRAM bit shipments rose 8 percent due to demand generated by data center projects and the demand for high-density modules. Samsung posted 14.5 percent increase in revenue to $2.919 billion for a market share of 46.2 percent. Samsung is adjusting shipment fulfillment rates of orders from OEMs and ODMs.

SK Hynix

SK Hynix has allocated more resources to the production of server DRAM to capture more opportunities in data center market in North America. The share of server DRAM in its product mix has grown by more than 30 percent.

SK Hynix achieved 10.9 percent increase in revenue to $1.988 billion due to the transition to the new server processor platform. SK Hynix is expected to increase the output share of its server DRAM products on a quarterly basis. SK Hynix will focus on transition to the 18nm process and on increasing the penetration rate of 18nm products.


Micron has gained from rising prices as well as cost savings from the shrinking of processing nodes. Micron’s server DRAM revenue rose 17.2 percent to US$1.414 billion for a market share of 22.4 percent. Micron’s share of server products in its total DRAM output was 30 percent.

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