India’s server market grows in CY 2015

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Overall server market in India surged 19.2 percent in CY 2015, IDC said.

The number of units shipped was 157,061 in 2015 as against 131,695 units in CY 2014.

Growth was driven by nation-wide 4G roll outs and the entry of globally established cloud services providers.

Further, initiatives such as ‘Digital India’ and Nasscom’s ‘10,000 Startups’  indirectly augmented the compute demand.

Q4 2015 witnessed 32,853 server units shipped, down by 16.2 percent over the previous quarter.

However, in the previous two quarters, demand  increased in the range of 39,000-51000 units.

As such, IDC noted that CY 2015 proved to be landmark year in terms of overall compute demand in India.

Non x86 server market

The non x86 server market grew by 42 percent year-on-year in terms of unit shipments and 59 percent in terms of revenue in Q4 2015.

Bank expansions and increasing number of migrations to HANA contributed to this growth together with on-going 4G roll-outs.

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