Education segment fuels 235% growth in Chromebook shipments

Chromebooks shipments rose 235 percent to 4.87 million in 2014, said ABI Research.

“The rollout of cloud services and the 2009 global economics collapse created the opportunity for developers to provide a budget friendly solution for consumers,” said Van Vactor, research analyst at ABI Research.

The increase in the deployment of the Chromebook was noticed in education market. The global education market is using Chromebook because of Google Apps for education which allows students and teachers to learn and search wherever and whenever and its deployment is also increasing in the education sector.

Chromebook for education give students, teachers and administrators a simple solution for fast, intuitive and easy to manage computing.

Oakland Unified School deploys 8,000 Dell Chromebook 11 laptops

For 2014, business and education purchasing entities accounted for 62 percent of Chromebook shipments.

Average Selling Price (ASP) of Chromebooks in the United States is $266.25 and for tablets it is $420.90.

According to last year’s ABI Research, Chromebook shipment touched 2.1 million in 2013 with nearly 89 percent of total shipments reaching North America. ABI then said that Chromebooks shipment will increase to 11 million in 2019.

According to Gartner’s report, education sector accounted for nearly 85 percent of Chromebook sales in 2013. During 2013, 2.9 million Chromebooks were sold from which 82 percent were sold in North America, making it’s a major market for Chromebook globally.

Last year, Oakland Unified School has deployed more than 8,000 Dell chromebook 11 for the students and ensures all students have equal access to technology and internet.

Shilpa Khatri
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