Targeting SMBs, Imation and QStar Technologies launch new archiving solution

Infotech Lead America: Imation, a storage and data security provider, has launched a new archiving solution from Imation and QStar Technologies, a provider of archive and data management software.

Both the companies claim that the Imation and QStar Solution for Archiving combine QStar Archive Manager software with the Imation RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Array to offer low-cost active archive solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and work groups.

“The Imation and QStar bundled solution brings the benefits of removable disc and enterprise storage technology to the global SMB community at a very affordable price point,” said Eric Slack, senior analyst, Storage Switzerland.

Companies in the healthcare, education, government and engineering industries are challenged to implement archive solutions that scale to accommodate data growth while providing efficient data retention management and regulatory compliance.

“Small businesses have limited IT staff and resources, so any archive solution that is easier and more intuitive to deploy, configure and manage can pay substantial dividends,” said Bill Schilling, director of marketing, Scalable Storage, Imation.

“By testing and integrating Archive Manager software with the Imation RDX A8 Storage Array, Imation and QStar enable channel partners to deliver a flexible archive storage solution that is right-sized for data-intensive, compliance-driven businesses,” Schilling added.

“Utilizing the Imation RDX A8 Array for online data storage and removable RDX media for offline storage, intuitively managed by our software, provides SMBs with a comprehensive, active archive infrastructure,” said Riccardo Finotti, president and CEO for QStar Technologies.

The Imation and QStar Solution for Archiving is the first offering in Imation’s initiative to bring new storage solutions to market that feature Imation hardware and storage software from independent software vendors (ISVs).

To expedite implementation, Imation has created new scripts to connect Imation hardware, such as the Imation RDX A8 Array, with storage management software. Imation and its ISV partners also offer trial licensing and virtual trials to support channel partners’ marketing and sales efforts. Imation plans to roll out additional solutions with ISVs through 2013.

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