Rackspace plans to introduce Rackspace Startup Program in U.K. in 2013

Infotech Lead Europe: Rackspace is planning to introduce its Rackspace Startup Program in the U.K. in 2013.

The program is aimed at providing cloud computing resources to new businesses driving growth in the UK economy.

Rackspace is focusing on the EMEA region aiming to power UK startups to success.

“Since launching in the US two years ago, we’ve helped over 850 startups through the program. We’ve also worked with over 100 program partners, including some of the top accelerators, universities, co-working spaces and VCs, and we are thrilled to launch the UK startup program,” said Taylor Rhodes, managing director, International at Rackspace.

Its cloud model requires minimal capital expenditure up front. In 2009, nearly 250,000 VAT registered businesses started in the UK. This highlights the vast number of startups that could potentially benefit from cloud services.

The Rackspace Startup Program will provide low cost cloud hosting and support services to startup incubators who have identified cloud computing as a more efficient route to IT service delivery.

“Cloud computing services are built around the principles of not only flexibility and scalability, but automation and self-service too as we serve customers’ needs from our local data centers with additional service layers all backed up by our world-renowned Fanatical Support,” said Rhodes.

“With a multiplicity of extremely sensitive and highly fluid business factors to juggle, startups need an IT backbone built around maximum levels of elasticity, control and automation. We welcome Rackspace’s commitment to providing this through their cloud offering. The scalability in a pay-as-you-go model is essential for fast-growing businesses and will be a key business enabler for startups now and in the future,” said Sean Kane, co-founder, Springboard.

Rackspace is also offering one start-up team the chance to win a trip to San Antonio, Texas, plus a 1-on-1 mentoring session with founder and Chairman, Graham Weston, while they’re there. Entrants must submit a pitch video for a start-up idea centred around cloud computing by December 14th for a chance to win. The winners will also receive £3,000 in Rackspace Cloud Hosting.
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