NEC Launches Smart City Project in Tirupati, India, Elevating Urban Living with Technology

In a significant stride towards urban innovation, NEC Corporation India, a subsidiary of the global technology giant NEC Corporation, has inaugurated its groundbreaking Smart City project in Tirupati, India, in collaboration with Tirupati Smart City Corporation.
NEC JapanThe project entails the integration of advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions across Tirupati. A pivotal aspect of this initiative is the establishment of a state-of-the-art City Operations Centre (COC) within Tirupati. Through the implementation of these ICT solutions, which encompass comprehensive services and a Unified Command and Control Centre, the city aims to harness real-time data analysis and two-way communication channels. These features will substantially enhance responsiveness to challenges related to security, safety, healthcare, environment, and more. Furthermore, the creation of a robust City Network Infrastructure and On-Premises Data Centre will provide the necessary foundation for data-driven decision-making processes in urban governance.

Aalok Kumar, President and CEO of NEC Corporation India and Corporate Senior Vice President leading NEC’s Global Smart City Business, expressed his enthusiasm for the project’s commencement. He highlighted NEC India’s extensive experience in constructing Smart Cities within the nation, which is a testament to its 70+ years of active involvement in the region.

D Haritha, Managing Director of Tirupati Smart City Corporation, has expressed confidence in NEC Corporation’s track record in establishing smart cities globally and in India, affirming that their expertise will inevitably contribute to positioning Tirupati as a multifaceted destination, transcending its pilgrimage identity.

NEC India’s comprehensive approach includes the deployment of an Intelligent Traffic Management System, critical for optimizing traffic flow, mitigating congestion during peak hours, and curbing road accidents. Additionally, NEC India will assist local authorities in delivering essential Municipal Services through various cutting-edge systems. These encompass Facial Recognition Systems, Intelligent Video Management Systems, and the integration of data feeds from existing and proposed CCTV cameras spanning the city. Furthermore, NEC India will implement Smart Water Solutions, Environmental Sensors, and Public Address Systems to streamline governance processes.

The project also encompasses aesthetic enhancements for the cityscape, with Digital Billboards and Variable Message Sign Boards planned for designated zones. To foster greater engagement, a City Collaboration Platform will be established, delivering essential local information to residents and visitors via web portals and mobile devices.

The NEC-led Smart City project in Tirupati embodies the fusion of technology and urban living, setting a precedent for efficient and sustainable urban development.

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