ARM acquires IoT security company Offspark

ARM has acquired IoT security software company Offspark.

Offspark, a Dutch company, specializes in IoT communications security. The company’s PolarSSL technology is already deployed in a variety of devices including sensor modules, communication modules and smartphones.

The ARM acquisition will assist developers to use the ARM mbed platform to design and build IoT products with better communication security and software cryptography.


PolarSSL, an embedded Transport Layer Security (TLS) solution, will form the core of the ARM mbed communication security and software cryptography strategy. ARM will rebrand PolarSSL as ARM mbed TLS and it will be available to developers for commercial use.

ARM said mbed TLS will be available for standalone use and as part of mbed OS, providing support for TLS and DTLS optimized for embedded devices and complements the Cryptobox technology of mbed OS that enables secure execution and storage.

mbed TLS currently targets embedded devices. In future, features for the non-embedded arena will be added.

ARM will release mbed OS under an Apache 2.0 license which will include mbed TLS, Thread, and other key technologies toward the end of 2015.

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