App-based solutions signal crucial shift in connected safety market


The market for connected safety solutions, especially lone worker protection in Europe and North America, is on the rise, according to a recent report from Berg Insight. In 2022, lone worker protection solutions and services in Europe reached €120 million, and in North America, it was €75 million.

The trend is expected to continue, with Berg Insight estimating the market values to reach €150 million in Europe and €105 million in North America by 2027. The user base is projected to increase from 1.5 million in 2022 to over 1.4 million in Europe and from 505,000 to 935,000 in North America during the same period.

Various companies offer hardware devices, software solutions, and alarm monitoring and response services in the lone worker safety solutions market. While most providers focus on software services, a few also develop dedicated lone worker devices and operate their Alarm Receiving Centers.

The United Kingdom leads the lone worker market, followed by Canada, thanks to specific legislation addressing lone worker safety. Key players in the UK include PeopleSafe, Totalmobile, StaySafe, and PanicGuard, while Canada is represented by Tsunami Solutions, Blackline Safety, and Aware360.

Other notable participants across Europe and North America include Beepiz, Uepaa, AddSecure, Adresys, and several more. Some companies focus on developing dedicated lone worker protection devices, such as ACR Electronics, Amigo Alarm, and Garmin.

Martin Backman, Principal Analyst at Berg Insight, notes, “The lone worker safety solution market in Europe and North America continues to grow as more companies and organizations understand the value these solutions bring.” Backman identifies key drivers for adoption, including new safety regulations, rising employee insurance costs, increased awareness of lone worker risks, and the efficiency benefits tied to protection services.

There is a noticeable shift towards cost-effective app-based solutions, according to Backman, as they offer a lower implementation cost compared to dedicated lone worker devices. In recent years, new satellite communicator devices that can be paired with smartphones have been launched, extending the use of lone worker apps beyond cellular network coverage.

As the market expands, the focus on connected safety solutions becomes more evident, highlighting the commitment to ensuring the well-being of lone workers across various industries in Europe and North America.

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