Actility to power Packetworx’s IoT network

Packetworx, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity provider, plans to deploy over 6,000 base stations in the Philippines within 12-18 months.
Packetworx and ActilityActility, renowned for its advanced IoT solutions, provides its flagship ThingPark Wireless platform for the project.

This project will create the largest LoRaWAN network in the Asia Pacific region. Actility is also powering other major public networks in the world, like Orange in France and Swisscom in Switzerland.

The objective of this nationwide LoRaWAN network is two-fold. First, it will enable advanced mobile use-cases such as asset tracking for logistics, building on LoRaWAN’s strength in low-cost and low-power applications.

Second, Packetworx is paving the way for faster adoption of IoT use cases across the Philippines, regardless of location.

The base stations, supplied by Browan, are equipped with the new SX1303 chipset and will be deployed across the country, including regions currently lacking Internet access.

Packetworx’s LoRaWAN network will provide consumers with access to innovative services and cost-effective solutions for MSMEs.


Packetworx and Actility signing contract at the Internet of Things Conference 2023, Manila, Philippines, 27/06/2023, Arnold S. Bagabaldo, CEO at Packetworx (left) and Sourmack Darbouy, APAC Regional Sales Director at Actility (right).

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