Indian SMB sector is a large open market opportunity for any IT provider: Propalms Network

Propalms Network provides application delivery and remote access solutions for Terminal Services, Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, enabling organizations to increase efficiency of their business processes and productivity of their users and resources by making the corporate applications, data and network services available anytime, anywhere to any device.

Propalms Network has a strong focus on SMB sector. The company offers Propalms TSE for application virtualization over Microsoft Terminal Services, Propalms VDI for Virtual Desktop delivery using hypervisor from VMWare, Microsoft (Hyper-V), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC) and Propalms VPN, an enterprise grade SSL VPN product.

With 48.8 million Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s), India is the largest SMB market across world. Large portion of this sector is still using basic IT tools and setups. SMB sector is a large open market opportunity for any IT organization in India, says Vijender Yadav, director and CTO, Propalms, in a recent interaction with Infotech Lead.

Vijender Yadav, director and CTO, Propalms

Technology needs of SMB market are different than that of Enterprise or Corporate sector. Understanding these needs and customizing offerings to address them is an exciting challenge for every solution vendor, Yadav said.

Propalms Network has strong focus on sectors like Manufacturing, IT, Scheduled Banking, Micro Finance, Logistics, Infrastructure, Organized Retail, FMCG, and EXIM. Propalms offers basket of solutions to address all of these business needs. Propalms TSE, leading application delivery or shared desktop solution is the most appreciated and accepted, cost effective alternative to Citrix for all centralization needs.

Propalms OneGate an application layer security gateway, offers a bundle of features to ensure security and performance which are unmatched. Propalms ProID is the first ever authentication product which offers concurrent licensing policy in order to make it affordable for SMB’s. Pano G2, the most innovative and, maintenance and administration free Zero client ever which can reduce recurring cost of IT radically, Yadav said.

With its strong focus in Indian SMB sector, Propalms has been able to assist more than 200 organizations situated in and around Metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

“Going forward we are looking forward to reach up to a large portion of SMB’s which are spread across Tier I, Tier II cities and in SEZ’s and Industrial zones across country. In order to reach these customers and ensuring best of solutions and services to them Propalms is strengthening its channel network across country,” Yadav said.

The company is also coming up with various industry and region specific marketing and incentive programs to address SMB market.

“Propalms is good at offering best of technology at affordable cost and we will continue to do so in near future as well. We work out all our technology and business acquisition and expansion plans in line with this core business agenda. Therefore Indian SMB’s can expect many new exciting offering from Propalms in near future,” Yadav said.

Indian SMB market is highly demanding in terms of its technology, service and pricing expectations. We always look for single solution or a single vendor which can offer a unified or End to End Solution for multiple technology or business needs. Therefore one has to be highly committed  and  innovative  in  terms  of  offering  best  of  breed  technology  and  services  at appropriate and affordable price point in order to penetrate successfully in Indian SMB market.

Propalms offers a uanified environment for secure remote access and virtualization needs which addresses varied different IT and business related challenges and needs; right from reducing Cost of Connectivity, seamlessly extending business critical applications and information over wide spread business territories, ensuring data secrecy and business integrity, enabling business expansion at minimal add on Cost to IT, seamless migration of end points from costlier Windows environment to low cost Linux or Tablets or Thin Client environment, complying to Global business and security standards, ensuring Business continuity and in turn assisting business growth, eliminating data leakage or data loss related issues and thus avoiding business loss, and setting up best of breed IT infrastructure with Low Cost of Ownership, etc., Yadav said.

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