India storage market: EMC gains in Q4, IBM dips

EMC share in India external storage market increased to 31 percent in Q4 2014 from 29 percent in Q3 2014, according to a report by IDC.

On the other hand, IBM share decreased significantly to 15 percent. Storage share of Hitachi also fell in the last quarter of 2014.

Netapp, HP and Dell increased their share in Q4 2014.

India external storage market revenue dipped marginally to $ 60.85 million in Q4 2014. However, TB sold increased in double-digit year-on-year in Q4 2014 due to decrease in $/GB depicting the ever increasing storage demand.

Why storage market fell?

The marginal decline in storage market in 2014 is attributed to a combination of reasons owing to adoption of technologies like virtualization and compression, growing acceptability of cloud based storage and services and pending investments across verticals.

Banking, manufacturing, communications & media and professional services were the dominant industry verticals in Q4 2014 though marginal de-growth was witnessed in banking and communication & media verticals when compared to Q3 2014. Healthcare and transportation emerged as the fastest growing verticals in Q4 2014 and are expected to contribute in CY 2015 as well.

India storage market main vendors in Q4 2014

“Cloud based storage is gaining traction particularly in the SMB segment, new start-ups and enterprises for their non-critical business data. All the storage vendors are positioning their cloud offerings accordingly to capture the incremental growth in SMB segment,” said Dileep Nadimpalli, senior market analyst, Storage, IDC India.

Forecast for 2015

IDC forecast that the external enterprise storage systems market is expected to witness a year-on-year growth in 2015. Investments in refresh/upgrade, data centre expansions and management of storage needs owing to 3rd platform technologies and workloads are expected to drive the storage demand in 2015.

High priority on back-up and disaster recovery solutions across organizations due to reasons like compliance/regulations is also expected to generate demand for disk storage solutions. Need for high IOPS for workloads like OLTP, VDI and BI are driving the growth of Flash Storage across organizations in all verticals and segments.

Gaurav Sharma, research manager, Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC India, said: “Digitization drives across verticals and segments are generating unprecedented levels of content and data that are expected to boost storage demand in 2015.”

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