How IBM assisted ING to improve loyalty from consumers

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Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced that ING Direct Australia is utilizing IBM technology to improve brand loyalty with digital friendly consumers.

ING Direct delivers personalized banking services to online and mobile customers by using IBM.

ING Direct collects insights on how a customer is interacting with the business – on the web, mobile device, or call center.

IBM technology has allowed ING Direct to offer product recommendations, personalized offers or service information focused on banking needs. ING is generating personalized messages to more than one million customers and prospects each month, which has allowed it to double its customer acquisition rates.

“The combination of digital disruption, tougher competition, and increasing consumer expectations is creating an opportunity for ING Direct to acquire new customers and better engage existing customers,” said Lisa Claes, executive director of Customer Delivery, ING Direct Australia.

ING has reduced the time required to create and deliver larger personalized customer campaigns. The finance company takes three days to deliver a medium-sized campaign that previously took approximately six days to build.

IBM says ING has seen significant improvements in its call center by achieving 120 percent increase in conversion rates. When customers hit the call me button in ING mobile app the customer service team tailors the conversation to the person’s precise situation to ensure they quickly meet their needs.

Harriet Green, general manager, Watson IoT, Commerce and Education, IBM, said: “ING Direct is helping tap into personalized banking experiences to drive loyalty with a younger generation of customers who will be essential to their future once their loyalty is earned.”

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