China Approves 32 Imported Online Games for 2024, Including Titles from Tencent and Nintendo

China’s press and publication administration revealed that it has granted licenses for 32 imported online games for the year 2024. The statement was released on Friday through the administration’s official website, marking a significant development in the country’s gaming landscape.
Acer Nitro 17 Gaming Laptop at CES 2024Among the approved titles, regulatory authorities have given the green light to two games set to be published by Tencent Holdings, a major player in the gaming industry. The titles include “Kirby Star Allies” and “Taiko no Tatsujin” by Nintendo, showcasing the diverse range of games entering the Chinese market.

This move reflects China’s ongoing efforts to regulate and control the gaming industry, ensuring that imported online games adhere to established guidelines and standards. The approval of these titles indicates a willingness to permit a curated selection of international games for consumption by the Chinese gaming community.

Tencent Holdings, as a key player in the global gaming market, continues to navigate the regulatory landscape in China, where authorities closely monitor content to align with cultural values and societal norms. The approval of Tencent’s games suggests a cooperative relationship between the company and regulatory bodies.

Nintendo’s titles, “Kirby Star Allies” and “Taiko no Tatsujin,” have also secured regulatory approval, marking a positive development for the Japanese gaming giant’s presence in the Chinese market. The selection of these titles showcases the popularity and appeal of diverse gaming genres among Chinese players.

As China maintains a balance between fostering a vibrant gaming industry and ensuring responsible content, the approval of these 32 imported online games for 2024 reflects a dynamic and evolving gaming landscape in the country. The collaboration between international gaming developers and Chinese regulatory bodies continues to shape the gaming experience for millions of players in the region.

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