World Moto bids to supply GPS-based fare meter for Chennai Auto Rickshaws

World Moto will file a pre-tender document to Amtex Systems for supplying up to 90,000 units of its Moto-Meter to the Tamil Nadu state Government.

If selected, it will be a big opportunity for World Moto as Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has more than 100,000 3-wheeled Auto Rickshaws.

The tender for GPS based fare meter for procuring up to 90,000 auto rickshaws is part of the vision of the Tamil Nadu Government to implement the mandatory use of fare meters on all auto rickshaws.

The state government has made a specific budget allocation for the financial year starting April 1, 2014 for this program.

Auto rikshaws in Chennai

World Moto will attend a pre-tender meeting with the government on January 15, 2014, where it will present the company profile and its Moto-Meter technology. The successful vendor will receive an order from the government within approximately 3 months of this date.

Paul Giles, CEO of World Moto, said: “We are excited to have been selected for the initial “pre-tender” process which we feel is a direct result of innovating and working diligently to get traction in the industry, develop relations with key players and increase the awareness of our products with regulatory bodies and governments.”

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