Kerala to set up 45,000 hi-tech classrooms in 4,775 schools

The Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) is preparing to deploy video-recording devices for digital content preparation at schools along with video conferencing systems, The Hindu reported.
jio-for-studentsThe strategy is to set up 45,000 hi-tech classrooms in 4,775 schools as part of the State Government’s Public Education Rejuvenation Mission.

KITE has released a national tender for the purchase of 4,775 multi-function printers, HD DSLR cameras and 42-inch LED televisions aiming to complete the deployment by June, 2018.

KITE has already installed laptops, multimedia projectors, projector ceiling mounting kit, USB speakers and screens in 34,500 schools. All schools will get high speed broadband internet connectivity.

As many as 75 percent classrooms in the State have been made hi-tech till date and in order to make the rest of the classrooms too hi-tech by June.

KITE has started imparting specific IT training to over 1 lakh teachers of class 8 to 12, from April 28 onwards.

“We have taken efforts to convert all schools into the digital platform, by enabling them to independently develop educational content for various educational mediums such as “Samagra” resource portal, KITE Victers channel, school TVs, documentaries and films,” said K. Anvar Sadath, vice chairman and executive director, KITE.

The Kerala government has supplied free software applications to schools to facilitate editing, audio/video mixing, AI voice over, animation of educational video content which are shot by students and teachers using handy cams.

Every school would get an opportunity to explore various steps of video production, right from script-making to a complete video content, and also to broadcast the same through the school channels.

Digital studios would be installed in all schools, as was done in the pilot drive in schools in the Alappuzha assembly constituency.

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