KICKS CREW selects Forter for driving revenue and reducing fraud

KICKS CREW, an e-commerce platform for sneakers and apparel, has selected Forter to scale its business globally, by driving revenue and reducing fraud.
eCommerce consumer insights and AIAccording to Forter’s research, merchants can lose up to 75x more revenue from false declines than to fraud. Over 40 percent of customers will generally not retry to purchase from a site that rejects them.

KICKS CREW has selected Trusted Conversions from Forter to scale its operations by maximizing customer experience and lifetime value through precise fraud decisioning. KICKS CREW can approve more genuine transactions and reject fraudsters, improving customer experience and its bottom line. Forter enabled KICKS CREW to increase its approval rate to over 97 percent.

KICKS CREW benefited from Forter’s customer success team which understands each customer’s unique objectives, tunes implementation and ensures exceptional outcomes.

Ross Yip, co-founder and COO of KICKS CREW, said: “As a result of Forter’s fully automated solution and ‘white-glove’ service, we can continue growing our business with peace of mind knowing we’re welcoming all legitimate customers while preventing fraud.”

Liron Damri, president and co-founder, Forter, said: “Forter’s Trusted Conversions product allows KICKS CREW to maximize their revenue and make smarter fraud decisions.”

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