Flipkart to Create Over 100,000 Jobs in Its Supply Chain Ahead of Festive Season

Flipkart, a leading e-commerce platform in India, has announced plans to generate more than 100,000 direct and indirect jobs within its supply chain, encompassing fulfilment centres, sortation centres, and delivery hubs. This ambitious initiative comes in anticipation of the upcoming festive season, aiming to meet the heightened demand and ensure timely deliveries.
Flipkart India e-commerceThese employment opportunities will be diverse, including roles for local Kirana delivery partners, women, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and others, thereby promoting inclusivity in the workforce.

Hemant Badri, Senior Vice President and Head of Supply Chain, Customer Experience, and ReCommerce at Flipkart Group, stated, “This year, we are also creating over a lakh new job opportunities in our supply chain while also investing in skilling initiatives to deliver an elevated customer experience as we strengthen our footprint across the country. This year, we plan to deliver more than 40 per cent of shipments through our Kirana delivery programme.”

Flipkart has expanded its supply chain significantly in recent months, establishing last-mile distribution hubs and large-scale fulfilment centres. This expansion has bolstered the company’s reach in tier-III cities and beyond, contributing to enhanced logistical capabilities.

To ensure a seamless end-customer experience, Flipkart has implemented specially tailored skilling initiatives through training programs for its supply chain workforce. This not only equips employees with the necessary skills for their respective roles but also stimulates local employment and economic growth.

All newly hired personnel undergo comprehensive training in supply chain processes, including the operation of Hand-Held Devices, PoS Machines, scanners, and various mobile applications. This prepares them for careers in tech-driven supply chains, food tech, and related industries, thereby fostering a skilled and adaptable workforce.

Flipkart’s investment in job creation and skill development not only positions it as a key player in India’s e-commerce sector but also aligns with its commitment to fostering economic growth and inclusivity throughout the country.

As Flipkart continues to expand its operations and enhance its services, these job opportunities and skill development initiatives will play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and contributing to India’s economic development.

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