Cyber Monday Projected to Hit Record-Breaking Online Sales of $12 bn in U.S.

As the Cyber Monday frenzy takes hold, U.S. consumers are geared up for record-breaking online spending, estimated to soar between $12 billion and $12.4 billion, as revealed by data from Adobe Analytics.
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This surge in spending is anticipated to encompass a wide array of sought-after items, ranging from classic favorites like Barbie dolls to tech essentials such as headphones.

The midpoint of this projected range reflects an impressive 8 percent increase, surpassing Adobe’s initial forecast of a 6.1 percent rise to $12 billion. This uptick in anticipated spending serves as a reassuring signal, alleviating concerns about a potentially lackluster 2023 holiday shopping season.

Further reinforcing the outlook for robust online sales, Salesforce has also forecasted a high-single-digit percentage increase in Cyber Monday’s online sales, both on a global scale and specifically within the United States. This promising prediction underscores the growing momentum and enthusiasm among shoppers, indicating a strong appetite for online deals and discounts.

The convergence of these projections points toward an electrifying shopping spree, indicating that consumers are eagerly seizing the opportunity to snag bargains and capitalize on Cyber Monday deals. This surge in online sales not only signifies a flourishing retail landscape but also underscores the enduring appeal and significance of online shopping in the modern consumer experience.

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