YouTube video developers contributed INR 6,800 crore to Indian GDP

YouTube said video developers have contributed INR 6,800 crore to the Indian GDP and supporting 6,83,900 full-time equivalent jobs in India in 2020, a new report by consulting firm Oxford Economics said.
With the number of channels in India with over 100,000 subscribers now at 40,000, marking a growth of over 45 percent, Indian creators are finding growth opportunities and audiences on the YouTube video platform, YouTube said in a blog post.

Ajay Vidyasagar, Regional Director, APAC, YouTube Partnerships said: “We remain focused on our goal of delivering an open, inclusive and responsible platform for hundreds of millions of Indians who turn to YouTube to develop new skills, discover their passions, hone their talents, and grow their businesses.”

In India, over 80 percent of creative entrepreneurs said that the platform has had a positive impact on their professional goals. With 8 different ways to monetize content on the platform, the number of YouTube channels making six figures or more in revenue is up more than 60 percent year on year.

YouTube has become a significant tool for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Through their own channel, targeted adverts or simply from watching YouTube content, businesses have successfully grown sales and connected with customers. In fact, 92 percent of SMBs with a YouTube channel agreed that YouTube helps them reach new audiences across the world.

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