Venmo outage disrupts digital payment

Venmo, a widely-used digital payment platform, has experienced a global outage, leaving thousands of users unable to complete transactions. According to DownDetector, a site that monitors online outages, the issues began around 4 PM ET, affecting users across the US, UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, and South America.

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Scope and Impact of the Outage

Reports indicate widespread problems with the Venmo app, payments, and account logins. DownDetector’s outage map highlights that major cities such as Dallas and Chicago are severely impacted, with other cities like San Francisco and Boston also experiencing issues.

The breakdown of user reports shows that:

41 percent of issues are related to payments.

34 percent involve the app itself.

24 percent pertain to funds transfer.

Venmo, a service with over 91 million users, allows individuals to send and receive money through its app. It is projected to grow to over 97 million users by 2025 and reach 100 million the following year. The typical user conducts about five transactions per month, averaging $65 to $75 per transaction.

User Reactions and Company Response

Affected users have taken to social media, particularly Elon Musk’s X, to express their frustrations and seek confirmation of the outage. One user, Rick Matthews, posted: “Is @Venmo down? I’ve never had any issues transferring money out until today and now my app just hangs when I try to choose an account to transfer into. Folks on Reddit saying the same thing.”

Another user, ‘krill,’ also posted on X, tagging Venmo support: “Hello Venmo, are you currently experiencing issues with your app? I’m trying to transfer funds to my card or bank and it does not give me the option to do either. Even though both are linked to my account. Pls advise ty.”

As of now, the Venmo Support page has not officially acknowledged the outage. However, some users report that Venmo representatives have suggested the outage could last for a few hours.

Expert Insights

Matt McGuire, Director of Product Management at Lakeside Software, commented on the situation: “Disruptions like these will ultimately have a negative effect on customer satisfaction, productivity, and, ultimately, revenue. Situations like this particular network outage highlight just how important it is to have proactive monitoring and quality data analysis across multiple endpoints.”


As Venmo works to resolve the issue, users worldwide continue to experience significant disruptions in their digital transactions, underscoring the critical need for robust system reliability and customer communication in the digital payments industry.

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