Spotify buys AI voice platform startup Sonantic

Swedish music streaming platform Spotify announced the acquisition of AI voice platform startup Sonantic.
SpotifyLondon-based Sonatic helps creates compelling, nuanced, and stunningly realistic voices from text.

“We’re excited about the potential to bring Sonantic’s AI voice technology onto the Spotify platform and create new experiences for our users,” says Ziad Sultan, Spotify’s Vice President of Personalization.

“This integration will enable us to engage users in a new and even more personalized way.”

Sonantic raised less than $3 million in VC funding from investors including EQT Ventures, Entrepreneur First (EF), AME Cloud Ventures, Bart Swanson of Horizons Ventures, Twitch’s Kevin Lin, Jeremy Jap, Charles Jolley and more.

Spotify said it sees several potential opportunities for text-to-speech capabilities across platform.

Last month, Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek announced to invest $50 million into his own music streaming service.

Spotify’s premium subscribers jumped 15 percent to 182 million in Q1 2022 up from 180 million in the previous quarter.

The company said its monthly active users (MAUs) rose 19 percent to 422 million, up from 406 million last quarter.

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