Social Media Platform X Unveils Early Video and Audio Calling Feature

In a groundbreaking development, Social Media Platform X, formerly Twitter, is rolling out an early version of video and audio calling for select users, as announced by its chief technology officer and owner, Elon Musk. This move aligns with Musk’s vision of transforming X into an “everything app.”
Twitter buyer Elon MuskMusk made the announcement through a post on the platform, where he described the new feature as an “Early version of video & audio calling on X.” This signifies a significant step in the evolution of the platform, which has undergone numerous changes since Musk’s acquisition nearly a year ago.

Following the rebranding of Twitter as X, Musk has been vocal about his ambition to expand the platform’s capabilities, aiming to create a super-app that offers a wide array of services, from messaging and social networking to peer-to-peer payments.

In a teaser earlier this year, Musk emphasized that users would not require a phone number to access the video and audio calling features. The new functionality is designed to be accessible on various platforms, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and personal computers.

This latest innovation in the world of social media indicates that X is on the path to revolutionize the way users interact and communicate on the platform. As the development progresses, users can anticipate more enhancements and features to make X a true “everything app.”

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