IBM powers e-commerce platform of Musimundo on Cyber Monday

Business IT vendor IBM today said it powered the e-commerce platform of entertainment appliances company Musimundo to meet customer demand on CyberMonday in Argentina.

Musimundo, which has more than 200 entertainment appliances stores in Argentina, has utilized IBM Cloud to manage load balance and security levels in accordance with regulatory requirements, while streamlining its check-out response.

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The retailer has migrated its shopping platform onto cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer to ensure better shopping experience for its customers. SoftLayer, an IaaS with a single private network, connects all data centers and network points-of-presence, offering unlimited private network traffic between all its facilities to reduce user’s bandwidth costs.

Thanks to IBM, the ecommerce website registered a high score of eight different purchases being made per second with no interference or crash in the system.

Claudio Baez, CTO of, said: “Customer satisfaction is essential to us; we want to provide unique experience for daily purchase, regardless of the number of users online. The IBM cloud enables us to provide our customers with a fast, dynamic, stable and secure website to shop on.”

“We leveraged our experience of previous of Cyber Mondays to identify best practices for this kind of sales initiative and built our website around them:  easy to use and browse, intuitive, with dynamic and robust check-out system,” said Andres Zaied, digital business manager for Musimundo.

New Digital Way (NDW), a provider of e-commerce platform and digital marketing services, has supported the development of Musimundo’s e-commerce platform and SoftLayer implementation for Cyber Monday.

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