IBM expands design and analytics capabilities for marketers

IBM has expanded design and analytics capabilities to enable marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences.

According to the IBM / eConsultancy study, 35 percent of consumers say the communications they receive from their favorite brands are relevant and 4 out of 5 consumers believe that brands fail to understand them as individuals.

IBM Journey Designer is a whiteboard where practitioners on multiple teams within an organization can collaborate with a single view of a customer’s journey to make more informed decisions. They can effectively plan, design, create and execute multichannel campaigns based on insights learned over time to deliver more relevant experiences to engage with the customer.

IBM Journey Analytics allows marketers to visualize and quantify actual customer journeys — to help deliver more relevant experiences with greater precision to build brand loyalty.

By using IBM Customer Experience Analytics, brands can understand why things are happening such as why the customer didn’t complete a registration form or abandoned a shopping cart, and take the corrective action to re-engage the customer to nurture brand loyalty.

IBM Commerce Insights delivers predictive analytics to understand a customer beyond simple purchase patterns by having deeper insights into their online buying patterns and providing their real-time reaction to different marketing and merchandising tactics.

Last week, Facebook announced its partnership with IBM to provide the world’s leading brands with tailored marketing capabilities.

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