Google Acquires Cameyo to Enhance Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on ChromeOS

Google has acquired Cameyo, a company known for its virtualization tools that enable Windows applications to run on ChromeOS devices.
Google Play StoreThe financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Google’s interest in Cameyo began last year when the two companies partnered to launch a seamless virtual application delivery experience integrated with ChromeOS. This partnership aimed to provide users with secure and easy access to data and files within virtual applications.

“By bringing the Cameyo team’s expertise in-house, we are doubling down on our commitment to delivering a streamlined experience for virtualized applications,” stated Naveen Viswanatha, Head of Product Management for ChromeOS.

The acquisition underscores ChromeOS’s dedication to offering an optimal experience for virtual applications. For ChromeOS users, this means enhanced access to essential legacy applications without the complications of complex installations or updates.

Google highlighted that integrating Cameyo’s technology with ChromeOS will help businesses accelerate their adoption of web-based technology. Virtualized applications can now be deployed and accessed easily across organizations, regardless of device or location.

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