Fujitsu shares messages of Technology and Service Vision 2016


Fujitsu has shared key messages of the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2016.

The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision has been launched each year starting in April 2013.

The company envisions that the undergoing digital transformation must be driven by a human centric approach.

Human Centric Innovation is about bringing together creativity of people, intelligence derived from information and the connectedness of things and processes. Fujitsu believes it is the best approach to deliver successful digital transformation.

Second vision is the new digitalized economy, which demands a different strategy. In the digital era, Fujitsu said, the borders of existing industries are increasingly becoming blurred and fluid.

A diverse and extensive range of digitalized products and services will be connected via software, exchanging information, and delivering greater value for people.

For businesses, it is important to set out an architecture adapted to be a part of a digital arena. The competitiveness of a business will be measured by the strength of its ecosystem, how many robust value-creating connections it has with partners.

Third is a digital business platform, which enables a successful digital business.

Fujitsu wants to be its customers’ business partner, sharing their challenges as well as their objectives and helping them achieve digital transformation. Fujitsu provides a digital business platform, called MetaArc.

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