6 streaming services for family entertainment

Finding quality family entertainment has always been a difficult task. Even in the content-packed age of streaming, the task has only gotten slightly easier.
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If you’re in the know, you’ll understand that finding the perfect streaming service for your family’s entertainment needs is simply invaluable. Thankfully, there are many more quality options out there than you might realize. To help you find the perfect choice, here are six quality streaming services that are ideal for family entertainment:

#1 Disney Plus

Disney Plus has brought the insanely massive Disney catalog to one premiere location. Before the streaming giant launched, finding old Disney content was a tall order, and Disney fans often had to search far and wide to find expensive DVDs of their classic favorites. The fact that the service also has all of the amazing new Marvel and Star Wars content the company has been putting out makes the deal that much stronger. Many other large studio films have found themselves on the platform over the past few years as well. If you grew up as a Disney superfan, or if you simply want to relive your childhood, no other app on this list will serve you as well as Disney Plus will.

#2 Kodi

Kodi is a perfect tool to keep you and your children happy in the sometimes-confusing chaos of the streaming age. If you want a platform that has both great child-friendly content and that can host your other apps and files in one convenient location, Kodi will be right up your alley. There are many other benefits to the revolutionary Kodi service to discover as well, so downloading it, and trying it for yourself ASAP is highly recommended. It has the potential to become the next big thing in your family’s entertainment wheelhouse.

#3 Netflix Kids

If you want a surefire place to keep your kids happy in the streaming world, Netflix Kids provides you with the gold standard. The sheer amount of content that’s perfect for audiences twelve and under is unrivaled on any other platform. Many of the most popular current children-centric shows have found themselves a home on Netflix Kids, making it great for families who have children that love to stay up with their age group’s pop culture obsessions. From PJ Masks to Paw Patrol, they are sure to find something that will keep them entertained for hours on end. The massive amount of educational content packed into Netflix Kids’ library is impressive as well, making the subscription price that much more worth it.

#4 Discovery+

If your family loves to learn together, Discovery+ is guaranteed to be right up your alley. The family-friendly documentaries that contain information that will be graspable for all age groups are one of the key attractions of Discovery+, after all. Whether your family is obsessed with animals, history, sports, or another family-friendly interest, Discovery+ will have endless hours of educational entertainment for you to sink your teeth into. Educated families are happy families, and with the massive catalog of smartie-approved content on Discovery+, the platform is sure to become a favorite of your family incredibly quickly. It’s certainly a better option than having your child endlessly scrolling Instagram reels.

#5 Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is often most known for its adult-centric content, but it also has a massive library of fantastic family-friendly programming. If you want family-centric content from around the globe, there’s no better option than Amazon Prime. The fact that you can also rent any of your favorite old family classics on the platform makes it great for family movie nights as well. If you can discover what movies you and your children love the most, you’ll have an easier time getting the ball rolling during your next family movie night, and when you have kids, you’ll know just how valuable that perk truly is.

#6 Hulu

Lastly, we have Hulu, which is much more than just a regular old streaming service. Because you can buy add-on packages conveniently on Hulu, you can treat it as a streaming-age alternative to cable. The amount of children’s programming on Hulu is hard to overstate as well, especially since the majority of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon’s children’s show catalogs are included with the subscription price. New episodes usually premiere on Hulu a day or two after they show up on cable as well, making Hulu a fantastic choice for kids who simply cannot miss the next episode of The Owl House.

Family Movie Night is Ready to Go!

With these six options, your next family movie night will be good to go. Even if you’re simply looking for a child-friendly platform that you can trust your kids to watch responsibly, this list has you covered. Soon, you’ll feel completely assured that your children are watching quality, child-safe content every time they turn on your family’s streaming device.

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