6 easy tips to increase organic traffic to your website

You may be wondering how you can increase the organic traffic to your website since it’s so effective at spreading brand awareness, helping businesses reach out to the right audience, and turning clicks into conversions.
Website usersHowever, one mistake many business owners make is thinking they’re optimising their pages for search engines. It’s not necessarily 100 percent false, but you should remember that your target is your audience – individual beings with feelings and conceptions.

Keep reading to see how you can effectively combine various strategies to help your website appeal to more potential customers.

Get started with organic marketing

You can view organic marketing like a 401(k): it continues to grow even after you stop investing in it. When funds for pay-per-click ads run out, traffic and conversions vanish. This isn’t the case with suitable content materials because they can drive traffic and generate income for years to come.

However, remember that you can’t develop a strong organic marketing program overnight. It is a long-term investment; therefore, creating high-quality content takes long-term commitment.

To make the most out of your organic marketing, consider the following tips:

Create high-quality blogs. Google rewards high-quality websites, and to convince it that your website is worthy, you must deliver high-quality copywriting materials.

Increase E-A-T. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are part of Google’s algorithm and should be on your digital radar. This concept focuses on the authority of the website’s content, the expert outlook, and the trustworthiness of the content.

Be active on social media. Check current trends and use multimedia. By being diligent and paying attention to your customers, you make a statement about being a leader in your industry. Interact with people through reviews, vlogs, ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts, and whatever source of media suits your audience.

Create mobile-friendly content. You must ensure that your webpage looks sleek in the browser and on the smartphone’s screen. You can use a responsive web design that helps your site adjust to the screen size and go for short, snappy paragraphs.

Take advantage of link-building

For a site to perform well, it needs a strong backlink profile. Backlinks are powerful: they can place your site higher in organic search rankings while taking your business to the next level by establishing yourself as a reliable source of information in the online community.

Worried you can’t create an effective link-building strategy? Stress no more because you’re free to work with a specialised link building agency to help your company rank higher on SERPS through white hat link-building. Assuming you choose a proficient company, you’ll have different, relevant backlink profiles, regardless of your field of activity. Remember that outreach is essential, so you want to ensure the chosen link-building agency has websites and journalists in more sectors and is transparent with how it creates your marketing strategy. It should also not take over your company’s aspirations and ideas.

Use WOM marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing means that customers tell their friends, family, etc., about your company, services, products, and everything related to it, like the convenience of delivery, discounts, and so on. If they talk positively, you’re on your way to increasing brand awareness and healthy popularity.

WOM marketing is among the most effective ways of advertising since 88 percent of customers would rather go with a recommendation from a friend than social media. Your company can boost WOM marketing by exceeding customer expectations, supplying customers with exclusive information, and offering excellent customer service.

According to the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association), the finest WOM marketing methods are credible, measurable, repeatable, honest, social, and respectful. WOM marketing encompasses many marketing tactics, including media marketing, blogging, and buzz.

Make high-quality posts

Content is still king. Despite the sceptics, nothing can improve your site’s exposure like high-quality content does. Don’t forget that black hat SEO techniques will only bring customers to your website once or twice, and it’s not a strategy that can work forever, as search engine operators like Google eventually catch and punish your website.

Leave the dirty tricks to your competition and take the high road. Use link building services that help you generate outstanding material that blows away your web page visitors and that they want to share with their friends. Google supports relevant content created for your particular audience. When your viewers stay on your page rather than leaving, they reward your website with more visibility. The same is true when your website is shared on social media. When you create your content marketing plan, remember that the material must deliver quality and utility.

Check your competitors’ top-performing pages

Your competitors seem to be doing well, so why not have an insight into their SEO strategy? The more you know about it, the better your website should be.

One efficient way to grasp the best SEO tactics is to see where their organic traffic is coming from and what drives it. This way, you can better understand concepts like “keyword cannibalisation”, which is the occurrence of two or more web pages competing for the same keyword. When you have too many similar keywords across your website’s content, use a cannibalisation checker tool and adjust your content so it won’t get pushed down the SERP in favour of your competitor’s blog content.

Incorporate video

Text-based content is a blessing, but you can do more to turn clicks into conversions, like uploading fun videos that detail your company’s attributes, qualities, and offerings. This is a practical step in keeping customers engaged, so give some thought to the following tips:

  • Include videos in your blog entries so that they may be found in video search results;
  • Optimize your videos for YouTube, your channel’s page, playlists and descriptions;
  • Include CAT buttons that send people to your site.

All in all, increasing organic traffic isn’t impossible, assuming you’re doing it right or working with an excellent link-building agency. 

Search engines look at factors like dwell time and pages visited to determine how well-liked your website is. Therefore, your web page must be catchy, user-friendly, and trustworthy because when someone spends a long time on your page or checks out more of your pages, it ranks your website higher by looking relevant and valuable.

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