Toshiba Unveils TCx 900 Point-of-Sale System for Retailers

In a significant development set to reshape the retail technology landscape, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has introduced the TCx 900 point-of-sale (POS) system.
TCx 900 POS system from ToshibaThis innovative solution offers a cutting-edge blend of advanced technologies within a robust modular framework, designed to provide lasting value and adaptability for retailers.

The TCx 900 not only enhances store efficiency but also empowers retailers to streamline in-store operational costs, enabling them to focus on creating captivating shopping experiences. Scheduled for a general release in September, the TCx 900 accommodates diverse retail needs through its technological prowess, including POS, store controller, and multi-store management systems.

“The compact TCx 900 meets Toshiba’s uncompromising standards of durability, serviceability, and flexibility, all while delivering exceptional performance,” affirmed Robert Parsons, Vice President of Product Portfolio at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. “This latest hardware solution empowers retailers to invest confidently in a next-generation platform capable of seamlessly supporting their most demanding workloads today and well into the future.”

The TCx 900 leverages the potent capabilities of the 13th Gen Intel Core processor for next-generation compute performance, incorporates WiFi6 connectivity, and is primed for AI integration. This strategic partnership between Toshiba and Intel underscores their longstanding history of collaboration, aiming to fulfill the scalable, high-performing, secure requirements that modern retailers need to cater to today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Stacey Shulman, Vice President of Network and Edge Group at Intel, commented, “Designed with 13th Gen Intel Core processor next-generation compute performance, WiFi6 connectivity, and AI readiness, Toshiba’s TCx 900 is another example of the long history of collaboration with Intel to meet the flexible, scalable, high-performant, and secure requirements retailers need to serve today’s modern consumers.”

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions’ forward-thinking approach showcases its dedication to pioneering technology that empowers retailers to remain competitive, dynamic, and attuned to the ever-changing retail landscape. As the TCx 900 prepares to make its debut, it signals a new era of innovation for retail technology, raising the bar for future-focused solutions that meet the demands of both retailers and consumers alike.

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