Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD to be used in Haier’s 13-inch Sailing P13A tablet

Storage vendor Seagate Technology announced that Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD will be used in the latest generation of Haier Computer’s 13-inch Tablet/PC.

Haier Computer has selected Seagate hard disk drives (HDD) to be the standard in all of its PC products.

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD

Sandy Sun, Seagate’s vice president and general manager for China, said: “Outfitted with the Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD, the P13A enables Haier to integrate high-capacity storage into its Tablet/PC enabling users to enjoy their content in a tablet form factor.

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD provides up to 7x the storage capacity of a traditional 64GB tablet. It features up to 500GB of capacity delivering the highest capacity available in a small, ultra-thin form factor while supporting over 100,000 photos, 125,000 songs or 62 hours of high-definition video and movies.

Zhou Zhaolin, general manager of Haier Computer, said: “Sail P13A delivers high-capacity storage in one of the thinnest, lightest Tablet/ PC form factors available on the market today and is a perfect example of our strategic alliance.”

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD integrates Seagate’s Zero Gravity Sensor providing shock management. Incorporated power modes support the drive in sleep, standby and idle enabling it to consume as low as 0.14W and support the long battery life demanded by tablets.

Leveraging the company’s experience with ultra-portable applications like iPods, MP3 players, and handheld video recorders, the Seagate 2.5-inch Ultra Mobile HDD is 5mm thin while weighing in 3.3oz.

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