SanDisk adds power-efficient SanDisk X210 SSD

SanDisk introduced power-efficient SanDisk X210 SSD.

The new solid state drive (SSD) line-up is meant for businesses.

SanDisk on Tuesday said IT decision makers can utilize SATA-based X210 SSD to maximize data center performance or enhance the responsiveness of PCs and notebooks.

“Since launching SanDisk’s commercial SSD channel earlier this year, we have received a tremendous response from businesses that have seen significant advantages from incorporating SanDisk solid-state technology into their data center and workplace PCs and notebooks,” said Tarun Loomba, vice president of Storage Solutions marketing at SanDisk.

The X210 SSD is optimized for businesses that prioritize fast, consistent access to data, such as search engine and cloud storage providers and streaming media companies.

When used in micro- and entry-level servers in data centers, the SSD offers highly responsive and sustainable performance in read-intensive environments, and notably reduces I/O bottlenecks.

The 2.5-inch X210 SSD easily integrates into desktops and notebooks, and enables IT managers to significantly bolster the performance of workplace computing devices.

The X210 SSD enables rapid boot-up, improves data-transfer speeds, and brings a fast and enjoyable performance to large applications and multi-media experiences.

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