Samsung announces zero client desktop priced at $298

Samsung Electronics announced its zero client desktop for a price of $298 that enables enterprises to secure their desktop endpoints with built-in PCoIP technology.

Samsung NX-N2-T is a VESA mountable endpoint has the ability to support the I/O connectivity that today’s business users need, including use cases requiring up to six different USB devices, Samsung said in a statement.

“Our zero client product portfolio offers customers the broadest spectrum of endpoints to securely access the cloud and critical applications for large enterprises, healthcare providers, government agencies and higher education institutions,” said Tod Pike, senior vice president, Samsung Enterprise Business Division.

Samsung announces zero client desktop

The company said Samsung NX-N2-T Zero Client Desktop features built-in PCoIP technology from Teradici that enables users to seamlessly connect to their organization’s VMware business cloud.

Samsung said the PCoIP zero client processor is used to reduce the desktop attack surface while almost eliminating the need for client-side administration. Since most software is remote and critical data is centralized, businesses are able to reduce the time and money invested in client-side administration.

NX-N2-T Desktop features Teradici chipset (Tera2) and delivers up to five times the VDI pixel performance over the previous generation processor. NX-N2-T can be VESA mounted to a wall, the back of a monitor or hidden under a desk. This eliminates unplanned costs for mounting kits.

“The markets for VDI and emerging Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) are accelerating as  enterprises look to simplify desktop management, increase security and deliver a rich user experience,” said Randy Groves, CTO at Teradici.

In addition to the NX-N2-T Desktop, Samsung’s Zero Client lineup features the NB-NH stand and NC Series displays. The NB-NH transforms business monitors into VDI access devices by integrating the latest VDI endpoint technology into the base of the monitor stand.

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