PC shipments will dip 8.2% in 2022 to 321.2 mn: IDC

Global shipments of PCs will dip 8.2 percent in 2022 to 321.2 million units. Tablet shipments will drop 6.2 percent to 158 million units in 2022, IDC report said.
Lenovo Yoga 7i laptop
IDC expects PC shipments to return to positive annual growth in 2023 and beyond, although this year’s decline will result in a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -0.6 percent. Tablets face a larger decline over the same period as competition from PCs as well as smartphones will continue to inhibit growth, leading to a -2.0 percent CAGR.

“Supply shortages have plagued the industry for a while and the recent lockdowns in parts of China continue to exacerbate the issue as factories struggle to receive new components from upstream suppliers while also facing issues downstream when it comes to shipping finished goods,” said Jitesh Ubrani, research manager for IDC Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers.

“On top of the compounding issues related to the pandemic, we have now added war, inflation, and on-going China lockdowns to the equation,” said Ryan Reith, group vice president with IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers.

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