Newegg Implements Geek+ Autonomous Robots for Warehouse Operations

Newegg Commerce, a global e-commerce leader specializing in technology products, has successfully integrated Geek+’s cutting-edge autonomous mobile robots (AMR) into its Ontario warehouse operations. The deployment of these robots aims to revolutionize the efficiency and precision of order fulfillment processes.
Warehouse Robotics from Geek+The Geek+ AMR system introduces a fleet of autonomous robots, comprising dozens of units, designed to operate seamlessly within designated areas of the Ontario warehouse. These robots are responsible for the transportation of mobile shelves to workstations, where human employees engage in the essential tasks of picking and scanning products in preparation for shipment to customers. The AMR system incorporates an impressive 24,360 storage locations across numerous shelves, enhancing the capacity and organization of the warehouse.

The heart of this system lies in the P800 robots, which effortlessly navigate the warehouse floor in a synchronized manner. Employing advanced software, these robots follow optimized routes and tasks based on real-time inbound customer orders. Upon reaching their designated destination beneath a rack, the robots efficiently lift and transport the rack to an awaiting warehouse employee. Notably, the robot’s ability to rotate the rack and present products from multiple sides further augments the efficiency of the picking process. Importantly, the entire fleet of P800 robots operates concurrently, eliminating the risk of collisions and ensuring the swift fulfillment of their duties.

The arrangement of products on shelves is strategically designed, considering both order frequency and compatibility. For instance, frequently requested items are positioned near human pickers for maximum efficiency. Additionally, products that are often ordered together are placed on adjacent shelves, minimizing the need for unnecessary movement.

Characterized by their circular disc-like design, the P800 robots achieve impressive speeds of over 3.5 miles per hour while having the capability to lift and carry loads exceeding 2,200 pounds. This innovative robotics solution replaces the conventional method of warehouse workers traversing long distances to retrieve items, streamlining the process and significantly boosting productivity.

Tim Zhou, IT Manager for Newegg, expressed his optimism about the Geek+ robotics system’s impact, stating, “We’re optimistic about seeing improvements in picking efficiency and storage space optimization with the new Geek+ robotics system in our Ontario warehouse.”

Rick DeFiesta, EVP of Sales & Solutions at Geek+, emphasized the comprehensive benefits of the shelf-to-person picking system, including heightened efficiency, accuracy, labor cost reduction, safety enhancements, ergonomic improvements, and space optimization. These advantages equip Newegg with a competitive edge and contribute to an elevated customer experience.

The incorporation of robots into these repetitive and physically demanding tasks has liberated Newegg associates to focus on more intricate and value-added responsibilities, necessitating higher-order problem-solving, decision-making, and cognitive skills. Additionally, the robots’ presence has reduced the physical strain on employees and lowered the risks associated with injuries frequently linked with manual picking processes.

Collaboratively, Newegg and Geek+ orchestrated the implementation of the AMR system, which also included comprehensive employee training. In a testament to the system’s efficacy, the deployment was accomplished within a remarkable six-week timeframe.

The Ontario warehouse, spanning 240,000 square feet, represents one of Newegg’s seven distribution centers. This successful integration of advanced robotics aligns seamlessly with Newegg’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

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