New Quantum deduplication appliance challenges market leader with 4X speed and 3X more scalablility for the same price

Infotech Lead Asia: Quantum Corp’s new DXi6800 Series deduplication appliance combines industry-leading performance, scalability and efficiency with unique “pay-as-you-grow” extensibility to deliver better overall value than the leading competitor.The DXi6800’s patented inline deduplication technology, high performance file system software, and intelligent metadata management delivers up to 16 TB/hour performance, four times that of the market leader.

Incorporating 3 TB self-encrypting disk drives, the DXi6800 also provides 13-156 TB of usable capacity in a single system – three times more scalability than the market leader while requiring just half the power and data center floor space. It has the smallest footprint per TB in the industry – 50 percent smaller footprint than the market leader, providing 50 percent power and cooling savings for lower total cost of ownership.

The DXi’s 4x performance advantage alleviates the pressure of continually shrinking backup windows as data volumes grow. Its capacity-on-demand enables the DXi6800 to provide simple and predictable data growth management with easy-to-install storage capacity. At a base price that includes licenses for NAS, VTL, OST, deduplication, replication, path-to-tape and DXi Accent software, the DXi6800 offers maximum flexibility and investment protection for midrange and enterprise backup environments.

The DXi6800 can replicate to another DXi or to the cloud . It is compatible with Quantum’s Q-Cloud backup-as-a-service and disaster recovery-as-a-service. It supports features like Symantec NetBackup AIR to improve restore service level agreements and reduce time to return to business in the event of a disaster. The DXi6800 also provides enterprise-class system availability with hot spare drives and new, unique features such as Dynamic Disk Pools to spread spare capacity across drives. Data-at-rest provides high security without impacting performance.

Priced at $110,000 MSRP for a base unit with 13 TB usable storage, the DXi6800 is currently available.

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